Closed projects


KNOW-ECO PROJECT – Enhancing Knowledge Collaboration in Eco-Innovation

The Know-Eco sub-project, funded by the European Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of INTERREG IVC Mini-programme DISTRICT +, aimed to enhance the local take-up of eco-innovation by drawing on a range of best practices demonstrated by partners across four regions: West-Midlands (UK); Lower Silesia (Poland); Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) and Tuscany (Italy). The overall objective of the INTERREG IVC Programme is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies and instruments. A project builds on the exchange of experiences among partners who are ideally responsible for the development of their local and regional policies

The innovation focus was on the construction and mobility sectors and it encouraged low carbon solutions to standard practice.

The City Labs were an essential element of the ‘Know-Eco’ project. City Lab 4 took place in Florence from the 11th to the 13th July, 2012. It was hosted by the Foundation for Research and Innovation of the University of Florence. During this visit all partners had the opportunity to review two good practices, one relating to mobility and one for construction.