CD-eta …a few lines about phase 2

Phase 2 is dedicated to monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan, since the core objective is to transfer the lessons learnt from the previous stages of the project into the policy instruments addressed, by regularly checking to which extent the measures described in the document are implemented on the ground, also demonstrating that the Action Plan is useful and brings real added value to the region and the stakeholders concerned. Therefore, as key driver for achieving the objectives laid down in our Action Plan, together with our reference policy instrument, the Department for Culture and Research of the Tuscany Region, we have decided to base our monitoring strategy on a continuous interface between us and our stakeholders, so that the actions contained into the Action Plan can be considered not only implementation but also monitoring actions, thus favoring the analysis of the territory concerning digitization practices. Our main aim is to maximize the project’s potential impact and ensure that new knowledge and results have a direct influence on the relevant policy framework.

It is worth mentioning here that a side-by-side work with our reference policy maker, Roberto Ferrari, Director of the Department for Culture and Research of the Tuscany Region, has allowed us to achieve an important objective: the official signature of the Action Plan, on June 14th, represents a crucial contribution to the further development of the project. Moreover, the Tuscany Region, has also expressed and confirmed to support the project for the on-going phase 2 in an Endorsement Letter that acknowledges the importance of the Action Plan for the whole territory.

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