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FABER PROJECT – Research, SMEs, Future


“Where Research and Companies meet, there you can find the future”

Foundation CR Firenze, Confindustria Firenze (Trade Association) and Foundation for Research and Innovation gathered together for testing a virtuous collaboration model between institutions, with the main target to promote talented people and to develop Metropolitan City of Florence’s local area.

What is Faber project?

Faber project is born to spread the research culture among SMEs through the insertion of qualified employees in a limited number of companies. The ambition is to create an innovation ecosystem, where all the stakeholders actively contribute to grow relationships, exchanges of knowledge and competences and to produce and share innovative products and services.


Companies attending to Faber project need to present an innovative project with a up to 3 years roadmap in which the use of their own laboratories/R&D offices and the collaboration with one researcher, if it’s possible also with one or more Research Team within the University, is included.


Faber Project is suited for manufacturing SMEs mostly related to fashion, mechanic, food and beverages and tourism field, plus companies need to be associated with Confindustria Firenze, a local Trade Association, and to demonstrate a deep interest in developing research projects, as research improves positive technological and organizational development and fosters evolution of their companies


Researchers are not the recipients of the initiative, but are definitely a key element in the innovative path companies are willing to realize through the research projects they are presenting. Collaboration with Research Teams belonging to the University could be a further asset to support the researchers’ skills, instruments and know how that can be moved to companies

How to join

1st call closed 18th November 2016.

To join Faber Project by the time the call is open, it is necessary to first send an evaluation request for admissibility, instructions to apply for the call will follow. Approval process requires up to 72 hours, so for the first edition we asked to send requests before Tuesday, 1st Novemebr 2016.


For further information, please write an email to


After six months from the beginning of each research project, all the 6 winning companies stated that the activities related to the hired researchs are successfuly progressing and expressed their satisfaction for Faber project and their willingness to continue to develop the path taken. 

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