CD-ETA project: Thematic Seminar in Valladolid

After the thematic seminar on digitization of natural heritage, museums and galleries, intangible heritage and archaeological and historical sites, it was time for libraries and archives. This is the topic developed and deepened in the last months within Interreg Europe CD ETA project. The “5th Thematic  Seminar – Policies and implemented tools for digitization of libraries and archives” event took place at the Royal Chancery in Valladolid, Spain, from 19th till 22nd of June, and was hosted by Foundation Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico. Participants included project partners, experts from the project partners’ regions, but also local entities representatives.

Our Foundation flew to Valladolid with Francesca Capetta from Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana – Sezione Toscana (, as stakeholder of the Foundation and expert on the topic. Francesca shared with the participants her Good Practice (GP): the focus was the emphasis of wire both as research instrument and as a way to store information, but also the importance of digitization to better spread and disseminate this heritage and at the same time to protect it.

During the steering committee, held in the Simacas General Archive, Project partners, including our Foundation, evaluated the work progress level and future actions to be undertaken.

The website “Il mondo degli archivi” published a news by the same Francesca Capetta, which detailed described the three-days meeting in Valladolid. Here the link to read it (Italian version only).

Next meeting will be in November: we’re going to Estonia!

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