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Herit-Data – Sustainable Heritage Management towards Mass Tourism Impact thanks to a holistic use of Big and Open Data

From February 2018 till January 2022 our Foundation is involved in a new European program, the InterregMed one. Within it, we are involved in the Specific Objective 3.1 (3rd axis “natural and cultural resources”, theme 1 “sustainable tourism”), which aims to improve and develop a sustainable and responsible maritime and coastal tourism. The project we are partner of, is called Herit-Data: Sustainable Heritage Management towards Mass Tourism Impact thanks to a holistic use of Big and Open Data. The InterregMed program is funded by the European Fund for Regional Developmnet (EFRS), aiming at encouraging and stimulating cooperation and sharing of experiences in the Mediterranean area. Regarding our Foundation the funds are coming both from EFRS and the Ministry of Economics and Finance.

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About the winning

The program is divided in modular calls and Heirt-Data partnership attended the second one with Tuscany Region as project leader. The call collected 147 proposals, 96 for single projects and 51 for integrated projects. After a long selection process, on January 2018 the partnership received the positive news to have been selected among the 5 winner of the 51 integrated projects presented, which means just the 10% of the total.

Project abstact

Even if tourism is an important engine for the economic growth, is also cause of the endanger of local heritage and the consequent efforts for its management and preservation. Herit-Data project has the goal to reduce the impact of the activity related to tourism, focusing on two main kind of destinations strongly hit by overflows of tourists: historical city centers and heritage, cultural and archaeological sites, as well the Unesco sites, which happens to be in such a large number in the Mediterranean area (MED).

Being this the context, the project aims to promote a sustainable management of the touristic flows, and at the same time promoting the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean regions, capitalizing technologies and innovations used for Smart Cities in other local and social policy instruments. Project partners will develop, test and transfer solutions (models, strategies, A.i. instruments, App, etc…) in line with the recent changes in the sector and that will help through a platform to collect data and resources and to analyse the impact of tourism on selected destinations. The result will be both an output of the analysis and an instrument to be used the ease the decision making process.

Project partners are made by public and private entities belonging to Italy, Spain, Croatia, France, Portugal, plus four Regions member of the IMC (InterMediterranean Commission): Tuscany, Valencia, Occitane, West Greece.


The 15th of May project activities were officially started with a kick-off in Florence, in Palazzo Strozzi-Sacrati, hosted by Tuscany Region. The meeting was just for the partners, plus we had the pleasure to have as guest Project Officer Lydwine Fontaine. Read the news here.