Herit-Data: 4th Steering Committee in Dubrovnik

On 25th and 26th March we went in Croatia for Herit-Data project, within InterregMed program. This program is particularly focused on participation and cooperation of countries and regions from Mediterranean, as it is for the partnership of this project.

One of our partner is the City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA) from Croatia, who hosted the 4th Stakeholder Meeting of the project. Due to the proximity with the Bosnia&Herzegovina border, a study visit in the close by herzegovina cities of Trebijne and Mostar by the Bosnian partner, IC Prostor, was organized.

During the 4h Steering Committee, the partners discussed together the activities related to the project: administrative and reporting ones, technical deliverables, and communication progresses. At the time of the meeting, the activities related to Work Package 3 (WP3) on the studying phase were still running. The partner deeply involved in this phase were 10 over 12 (in geographical order, from west to east): Portugal with University of Lisbon, Spain with Fundacion Santa Maria la Real del Patrimonio Historico, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and Fundacion Valencia Port, France with Occitanie Region, Italy with Tuscany Region and Foundation for Research and Innovation, Croatia with City of Development Agency, Bosnia&Herzegovina with IC Prostor, Greece with Western Greece Region. The work carried out was to analyze the tourism sector. How? By collecting data on tourism and suggesting potential indicators useful to determine the heritage-related carrying capacities in selected local areas. The potential indicators can be applied in multiple area or just be specific for a single territory. In this work, our Foundation worked in collaboration with IRPET, the Tuscany regional institute for the economic programming. IRPET, as external expert, has great experience with statistics and data analysis.

In April 2019 WP3 closed and in May WP4 on testing started: the indicators suggested in WP3 will be used to set up a tool to collect open data useful to calculate those indicators. The ICT tool could be used by Public Administrations, turism companies, local communities and by the same tourists. But will talk more in detail of WP4 in the upcoming months.

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