As stated in InterregEurope project CD-ETA, Collaborative Digitization of Natural and Cultural Heritage, last 28th of May the 6th Stakeholder Meeting of the project took place. The main theme was the digitization of libraries and archivesAndrea Becherucci, Vice-President of ANAI Toscana (Italian national archival society – Tuscany Region) chaired the session, which aim was to discuss the state of the art of digitization activities and database creation of  archival and library heritage. More in detail:

  • Specificity of archival and library heritage digitization
  • Issues concerning the digitization process
  • Existing legislation at local, national and international scale and concrete examples of Good Practices to be replicated

The meeting is mandatory for the next project meeting, in June 2018 in Valladolid, Spain. We will be flying there with one of the Italian stakeholder, who will have the chance to talk about his/her Good Practice in an international Thematic Seminar, sharing opportunities and facing challenges similar or sometimes completely different to the Good Practices coming for the other 6 project partners.


To learn more about the project:  Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione, Franca Fauci

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