Digitization of Intangible Heritage: CD-ETA Seminar in Slovenia

Third Seminar on digitization of intangible heritage of Interreg Europe CD-ETA took place in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, from 17th till 20th October 2017, where the host partner BSC – Regional development Agency of Gorenska welcomed all the other partners and stakeholders.

Why Skofja Loka? Well, because this is where “Passion”, the oldest Slovenian dramatic text was written and due to high rate of locals involvement, every six years it is represented and acted through the streets of the medieval historical center. Thanks to the traditions and habits that the text contains, the document is indeed part of the world intangible heritage.

The Seminar aimed at defying the digitization state-of-the-art and at sharing good practices: to know more please visit the following link https://www.interregeurope.eu/cd-eta/news/news-article/1920/we-love-skofja-loka


As mentioned before, there were not just partners but also stakeholders: it is typical of Interreg projects to have the chance to invite a selected stakeholder, an expert on that specific theme, to help contributing on the main topic, bringing his/her expertise.

Following the stakeholder meeting that we organized in Florence last July (here the news) we invited one of the partecipant, Artex Firenze and specifically Ilaria Serafini, as expert of the know-how kepted by craftsman in Tuscany.


At the following link you can have a look at our presentation for the event: https://www.interregeurope.eu/cd-eta/library/#folder=793

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