Vector seminar at Fiera Didacta Italia

For the last 50 years Didacta International took place in Germany. It’s one of the biggest event related to education and school. The Italian equivalent, Fiera Didacta Italia, took place for the first time in our country from 26th till 29th of September in Florence. Professional training and education worlds met during this meeting, and we were attended Fiera Didacta Italia thanks to Vector Project.

Thanks to the space given to us by Tuscany Region, we hold an one hour seminar “Vector: an educational path for destination management in Tuscany. Methodologies, standards and contents of an ERASMUS+ project” last  29th of September, from 11 to 12 a.m.

The seminar aimed at encouraging a positive debate on the creation of 5th level educational path, which can be effectively linked and in line with the real needs of the referring professional sector. Vector’s Destination Manager aims at turning into a professional and transversal role that combines know-how and knowledge of different fields and is then asked to be working in highly heterogeneous experience contexts.  The experience developed in the touristic field is a positive and encouraging example of how stakeholders, experts form the sectorial and educational world are able to shape together new educational opportunities and new professional roles for Tuscany key areas. The methodology used for Erasmus+ Vector project made possible to create a proper Standard and an educational curriculum built with competences and learning outcomes. This means that the afore-mentioned methodology represents a successful model and can be exploited for future experiences and collaborations.

The seminar was also the first step to promote the final event of the project, hosted by the city of Florence in April 2018

It was enriched by the contribution of several speakers and stakeholders referring to different fields of education and tourism sectors belonging to Tuscany area, here the full list of the contributors: 


  • Lorenzo Bacci, Alessandra Brunelli                           Regione Toscana
  • Marco Scerbo                                                         Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione
  • Giovanni Liberatore, Silvia Scaramuzzi                     Università degli Studi di Firenze               
  • Letizia Sgalambro                                                   TÜV Thüringen Italia

Main stakeholders

  • Ilaria Bigliazzi                                                         Ente Bilaterale Turismo Toscano
  • Benedetta Borri                                                       Florencetown
  • Marco Pippolini                                                        Irecoop Toscana             
  • Lara Fantoni                                                            Città Metropolitana
  • Carlotta Ferrari                                                        Firenze Convention Bureau
  • Raffaele Mannelli                                                     Regione Toscana
  • Leila Pruneti                                                            Toscana Promozione Turistica
  • Gianluca Raimondo                                                  Pegaso Network
  • Stefano Tacconi                                                       F.E.I.S.C.T.


Find out more about Erasmus + Vector project in the official web site:

For further technical information, please contact Marco Scerbo, or Franca Fauci,

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