CD-ETA: 4th Thematic Seminar in Greece

Time for a new project meeting for our Interreg Europe CD-ETA.

From 13th till 16th of March we flew to Greece for the 4th Thematic Seminar on “digitization of archeological and historical sites”, organized by the University of Patras. In past few months the 8 project partners, i.e. Italy, Greece, Spain (2), Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, plus the project leader, Bulgaria, planned in each country a stakeholder meeting on the mentioned guide-theme and invited local experts with good practices to be shared (here the news on the italian s.m.). One stakeholder for each country was selected to attend to the 4th Thematic Seminar, along with the project partners. On the Italian side, the Foundation selected an expert on geomatic and its applications to cultural Heritage, Associate Professor Grazia Tucci of the University of Florence and coordinator of GeCo Laboratory (Geomatic for environment and cultural heritage conservation).

The partners and their stakeholders attended the main event of the Seminar, a conference, where partners described the local policies available (or not) on the theme and the stakeholders explained their Good Practices, but they had also the chance to participate to the following study visits:

  • Tholos- Virtual Reality theater in Athene by the Foundation of the Hellenic World
  • Patras Archeological Museum
  • Archeological Site of Olympia and Digital Exihibition of the Museum of the Olympic Games of Antiquity

To learn more about the project:

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